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  Arizona silver nuggets

1.8 Grams


silver nugget


1 Grams


silver nuggets - Arizonal silver nuggets

SILVER Bornite - Zacatecas Mexico

Museum Quality & Size


Specimen of native plate silver and bornite

Very unique specimen from San Martin Mine, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Iridescent purple & Gold surface

The following minerals are also possibly present in this specimen: Silver, Bornite,  Pyrite, Chalcopyrite. Whether the golden color on much of the specimen is gold, or golden pyrite or even some other mineral is beyond my knowledge to say.

SILVER Bornite - Zacatecas Mexico

15.3 Grams


Specimen of native plate silver and bornite




What I can say for sure, is this specimen is absolutely stunning

...and because of it's large size...

could make a great center piece for any mineral collector!

"I am a Repeat Buyer and always PLEASED, You are a 5 STAR +++++"


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Silver in peacock ore

All have a vein of plate silver running through the specimens.

The specimens are VERY highly mineralized

and have very unique Iridescent coloration.

I donít know what the percentage of any of the metals and minerals are, as the mineralization varies so much even within the specimen, but I can tell you that it is rare and you will not likely never see anyone else selling a large, quality specimen like this.

Very nice addition to any collection.

The nickname, peacock ore, comes from the bright, peacock-like colors on the outside of the stone, but below a thin skin of purple and blue is a rich gold color.

The specimens have a sheet of native silver running through them!


Silver has been mined for eons and has always been popular in jewelry and for coinage. Only in the past hundred years however, has the demand for silver been so great. The reason for this demand is the use of silver in the photography industry, which takes advantage of silver's reactivity to light. Native Silver is rare and much silver is produced from silver-bearing minerals such as prousite, pyrargyrite, acanthite, galena, etc. Specimens of Native Silver usually consist of wires that are curved and intertwined together, making an inspiring mineralogical curiosity.



Large 181.8 Grams


SILVER Bornite  - peacock ore


Huge 2 Lbs+




Huge 2 Lbs+









.5 Grams Flat silver plate - $21




Chihuahua, Mexico

1.7 Grams - $34



leaf on Chrysocolla

Coahuila, Mexico

2.7 Grams - $24



Flat natural silver leafs

1.9 Grams


silver leaf


http://seo711.googlepages.com/j0305725.jpg8.4 Grams silver -


Polished specimen w/silver showing on all surfaces

New Mexico

10 Grams - $37


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