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This is a Authentic $10 Gaming Token containing .999 Fine Silver issued by the Delta Saloon.   Also included is a new Delta Saloon Postcard that tells the story of the famed "Suicide Table"  a legendary poker table that claimed the lives of three of its owners and is the main attraction of the Delta Saloon.  Virginia City, Nevada is probably the most famous of all the old west mining towns, producing over 2 Billion Dollars worth of Silver and Gold in the late 1800's.  Famous for it's fabulous wealth and bawdy lifestyle, it featured over 100 saloons and dozens of bordellos during it's heyday, and was considered the "Richest Place on Earth".  The "Comstock Motherlode" is still the biggest precious metal discovery in the history of the World.  Type in "Virginia City" in Google and you can do your own reading about this most Unique Western Town.  Own a fabulous piece of American History!  Coin weigth 37.5 grams - That is over one OZ!


This is a 1982 Engelhard The American Prospector. It is 1 Troy oz. of .999% fine silver. This coin is a work of art and a piece of Americana. It would be a nice addition to your collection. If you don't have a collection this would be a very good place to start! Collecting silver is a great way to save for the future.









"Neat Silver Dollar and also the GOLD."


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Silver Coins










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