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Arizona gold nuggets
Arizona gold nuggets
Arizona gold nuggets
Arizona gold nuggets
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Australian GOLD

Gold Nuggets

*All nugget purchases must first be confirmed via email.

 Price is Spot NY gold (divide by 31.1 for gram cost) + $30 per gram. Payment must be received within seven days.

These fantastic gold nuggets are of high gold purity.

These nuggets came from a very remote goldfield in Cape York which is in Northern Queensland, Australia.

 It is essentially the tropics, lots of grass, bugs and snakes very tough prospecting.

Even die-hard Australian detectorists seldom make it into that country.

 All gold was found with the Minelab GP series detector

Gold coming from this area is some of the purist Gold in the world! 


Nuggets this size are extremely rare & always command a

large premium of the common small nuggets!

Excellent for gold nugget collections CENTER PIECE.


109.6 Grams - Over 3.5 Troy onces!


35.2 Grams

Australian gold nuggetsAustralian gold nuggets

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