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May 28, 2010


Spot Gold $10,000.00

by oakley711

Based on the current inflationary policies of the United States Peter Schiff had predicted a $5,000 dollar an ounce gold price sometime in the near future.

Now that Europe has made it clear they will execute the same inflationary policies across the Euro Zone Peter now believes that $10,000 dollar/ounce gold price is not out of the question. As more people, governments, and institutions flee fiat currencies and seek the safety of precious metals, gold could very well see these unprecedented levels in it’s price.

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  1. May 13 2013

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  2. Jul 27 2010

    It’s disgusting how these people tell these lies and fool suckers into buying gold at a high price. It’s July 27, 2010 and look at the drop. It’s headed to $1150 and then maybe lower

  3. I am not an economist or anything even remotely related to such professionals. However, one thing which I cannot understand is why would the commodity prices (including Gold) will fall in the long run when every country has decided to print more currency and flood the banks with more currency. At some stage this currency will be in the hands of people who will use it to pay higher prices for the same goods we buy now, inflation will have to be high and under those conditions, all commodities will have to be high as well. Can someone explain why there can be deflation and falling commodities when trillions of dollars (and Euros and Pounds) will flood the system with paper money.

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  4. Jun 8 2010

    I think gold is going up and I’m looking for a good, hard, downturn to go double dog long. I think oil might lead the way. This imposter of a bail out plan is going to be dis-robed by good old oil and gold.

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  5. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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