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December 5, 2017

Should You Invest in Gold or Silver

by oakley711

Invest in Gold

California gold nugget - Invest in Gold

California gold nugget

Most nuggets have already been discovered and even the largest in the past, have been melted down…

Pure gold is virtually non-existent in nature. High quality native colors are 22-23Kt (roughly 91-96%) pure. And by far most gold was formed in particles so small that they can’t be seen by the human eye, and most gold was formed as non-free milling, which means it is chemically bonded  will will will

with other minerals…like sugar dissolved in water: it’s there but you can’t pick it out.

California gold nugget - gold price

California gold nugget

For a visible color to have been formed many many liquid micron particles had to be located together when they solidified. And to have formed a “nugget” (any color that won’t pass through a 10-mesh (10 holes per linear inch) screen [ a window screen is 18-19 mesh], probably millions of these particles had to be located together. This is why visible gold is rare, and nuggets are far more rare. Fact: more diamonds are found than gold nuggets.

Anyway, specimen gold (gold still in the matrix [rock, usually quartz] in which it was formed, is exceedingly rare and large nuggets of an once or more are only seen in most prospector’s dreams.

Nuggets are highly collectable and one thing that drives the price is that virtually all of ’em found before 1990 were melted for assay to determine the value of the gold they contained.

natural gold nugget

natural gold nugget

Gold nuggets typically sell for a higher price than the gold spot price because they are considered gem stones and are more rare than gold dust. Most of the bullion that is traded on the stock market is made from gold dust melted down to form coins; 98% of the worlds gold is in gold dust form and not gold nuggets.

Gold Price Top:

August 22, 2011 – The spot old price set record high above $1,900 an ounce early Tuesday 8-22-2011– just two weeks after rising above $1,800!

Gold Price – A look back:

The average spot gold price in 1990 was $386.20!

Gold Price – Today:

Current Spot Bullion Prices


Gold Price – History:

5 Year Spot Gold Price

5 Year Spot Gold Price

For more information about investing in gold check out Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Invest in Gold

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