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November 20, 2017


San Diego North Star Gold Mine

by oakley711

San Diego’s Abandoned Gold Mine North Star Mine

There aren’t too many mines left in the mountains east of San Diego that I haven’t yet explored and documented. The North Star Mine was on that list of unexplored mines until yesterday when we set out to find and explore it. The mine’s entrance is severely eroded which requires explorers to enter the mine on their stomachs for about 35 feet. After that, the tunnel opens up nicely and heads straight into the mountain. In the back, the tunnel splits into three short tunnels. Two of these side tunnels seemed to end at collapsed vertical shafts which we located outside the mine higher on the mountain.

Gold Mine

Contrary to these safety videos, the USGS authorizes the ability to enter these mines as explorers, but you have to have the right mindset, the right equipment, the right training, and you never go alone (often times you also need permission from the current claim owner, if one exists). Even then, you do so at your own peril. I wouldn’t go in a mine without someone who knows the dangers well. There are at least two youtubers who acknowledge all the dangers and take necessary precautions to bring us great footage, Exploring Abandoned Mines (this person explores, documents, and even brings back artifacts from abandoned mines in British Columbia), and Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places (This person explores and documents abandoned mines around the United States.) If you want to explore abandoned mines, best do that from the safety of your computer screen as you leave it to these two professionals who risk their lives for such great footage.

gold mine

Old gold mine

Abandoned gold mines exist all over BLM land and state land. They can be considered a hazardous mine to the unexperienced .. but even the experience needs to think of it as a hazard. Some mines get abandoned due to poisonous gases being released, some gases are heavier than oxygen.

Other Gold Prospecting Hazards

California gold nugget prospecting hazards

Additional information: Mines Online – State of California

Gold Mine
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  1. Nov 20 2017

    Yes, still gold in San Diego County!

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