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March 2, 2017

San Diego Gold Mine

by oakley711

San Diego Gold Mine

This video was originally broadcast November 2014 by local CBS news station (KFMB).  The Golden Chariot Mine was one of San Diego County’s largest producing gold mines back in the day with a reported gold production of one million dollars. The news story reports that the mine was recently bought by three investors, so perhaps ore cartloads of gold will once again come rolling out of the Golden Chariot Mine tunnels and shafts.

James Henry: “A few years ago when the mine was still on the market, we did go onsite and look around.  Yes, there was a lot of equipment still in the mill building — a shaker table seemed to be one of the biggest items from what I can recall.  Most of it seemed to be junk, but I don’t know that much about what equipment would be salvageable or not.  The two vertical shafts I saw were totally flooded.  One of those shafts is 600 feet deep, I think.  Pumping out the mine would be a major undertaking.”

San Diego gold

California rattlesnake - San Diego Gold Mine

If you’re interested in gold prospecting in the San Diego California area you might want to check out one of my prior very popular San Diego gold prospecting videos.

Around 1885 there was a lot of gold activity in the Boulder Creek mining district. much of the gold found in Southern California especially around Julian is hard rock gold with very little placer gold. it is said that the gold around the Julian area was found in pretty large veins relatively close to the surface.

Actually it’s my understanding that the first gold discovered in the area was discovered at Coleman Creek near the headwaters of the San Diego River. Many still say that there is gold to be found there, though it is very fine flour type gold.

Years ago I’ve been to the Coleman creek area and there were a number of people panning there. Keep in mind, to reach the area it’s very steep, there’s a lot of poison oak and it’s not unusual to run into a rattlesnake or two.


San Diego Gold Mine


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