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February 4, 2018

Pounds of Gold – Gold Mining

by oakley711

Pounds of Gold – Gold Mining

From the 1700’s all the way to 1970 Gold was valued at $20 per ounce. When this documentary was put on digital (Oct. 2017) gold was trading at about $1250 per troy ounce. Great documentary!

Glenn Wadstein mined Sterling Creek Mine from 1986-2001 and found pounds and pounds of gold.
He built his own equipment and treated the job as a sand and gravel operation. Here’s the equipment he built, the way he moved overburden to reveal the ore and how he processed the ore to filter out the gold.

Pounds of Gold – Gold Mining

Pounds of Gold - Gold Mining - gold nuggets

Wadstein took this video in 1986 at the outset of the mining operation, edited it into a clear and descriptive narrative and then converted the video to digital format in 2017. Wadstein narrated the video on October 22, 2017 at the Ashland Literary Arts Festival held Hannon Library, Southern Oregon University. Thank you National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage program for funding this video series and the image collection found at

Oregon Gold Rush History

Gold prospectors began a rapid rush into southern Oregon and new discoveries of gold were made. One of these that gained significant notoriety, at least from a gold rush perspective, was the discovery of gold on Jackson Creek in December 1851. The Jackson Creek discovery has been identified in recent literature as the place where the Oregon gold rush began but it needs to be taken into account that there was no reliable documentation of how many prospectors were coming into the region and where they were going. This was a time of confusion caused by increasing conflicts with local Native Americans and the influx of newcomers with little knowledge of the area who may have been traveling to the gold rush that was already underway in Illinois Valley and changed their destination to Jackson Creek when they heard about the discovery.




Pounds of Gold – Gold Mining

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