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December 15, 2016

California Gold Mine Working Gold Mine

by gold-nugget

California Gold Mine for Sale

California gold nuggets - California Gold Mine

This video was produced to help sell this California placer gold mine. Personally, I think this is a great idea  to use video to sell any property and especially an active California gold mine. but, with that said I think for the vast majority of people, this video is a great way to understand and get an inside look  on how a small placer gold mine operation really works.

The gentleman who is explaining the operation of this California placer gold mine goes into quite a lot of detail. Any viewer would really get a better understanding of how the classification process really works when you’re trying to find gold.

Now, I understand why they didn’t mention a price because that could change over time especially if the price of gold would spike way up. But, they also really didn’t get into any detail about the profit and loss from this operation. Yes, what I would have really liked to seen in this placer gold mining video would be a profit and loss statement based on the price of gold at the time they produced a video.

Even if there was a decent profit, one must remember that gold mining is very risky and as one area gets played out and you move your operation over just a couple of yards you may hit a pay-streek or the amount of gold that found  could be way below the cost to extracted. So, I would’ve sure like to see what their actual profit and loss looks like for 2015 or 2014 when they produced this video.

This looks like a very isolated area and so the value, in my humble opinion, for this land is really determined by the amount of gold, or should I say the net profit produced from the gold recovered. As a real estate broker  I would think the asking price of this property would be a multiple of the net profit in the year that it sold. Or, perhaps the net profit averaged over the last two years.

Plus, if you listen carefully you will hear the gentleman who is narrating the video, say that the majority of their best gold recovery was when they got down to the bedrock area. this is very common for the majority of placer gold-mining. so, I guess  another important piece of information was how much of the bedrock in the areas that are producing decent gold has already been cleaned out.

Now, those are my concerns if they were really trying to get the property sold through the video. Or, perhaps they just wanted to create enough interest so that qualified perspective  placer gold mine buyers would request the detailed facts that  they could have their own geologist review and if necessary go out to the property and do some extensive sampling.

For the vast majority of YouTube viewers the above information is really not that important. This is because I think this California gold mine video provide so much information about the process of placer gold mining it’s really well worth your time in viewing the entire video.

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