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March 7, 2017

Arizona gold prospecting drone UAV

by gold-nugget

Arizona gold prospecting drone

Arizona gold prospecting in the Yuma area. The first step in gold prospecting  is to do your research, then it’s time for the fieldwork and to actually go out to various locations and do sampling to determine first, if there is any gold, and second if there’s enough gold to make it worthwhile to set up all your equipment.

When you’re out in the field, obviously, you’re looking for signs of prior gold prospecting, old mine tailing piles, stacked up rocks by the side of a  dry wash and naturally, rust stained quartz veines.

Arizona gold prospecting drone

Yuneec Q500 G drone Arizona gold prospecting drone

Yuneec Q500 G drone

The vast majority of gold prospecting areas are pretty isolated and rugged terrain. So, the use of an aerial drone can really save a lot of time in investigating potential places to take samples. The particular drone that I’m using for this video is carrying my GoPro Hero 4 Black camera and I’m shooting this video in 4K.

Keep in mind,  that while I’m shooting the video, the drone is transmitting a video signal to the transmitter. Yes, I’m seeing in real time what I’m flying over. Also, the drone I’m using not only shows my altitude and speed, but also the longitude and latitude of the drone’s location. This information is invaluable because if I see certain characteristics that look promising, all I have to do is take my hands off the controls and the drone will hover right in that exact spot, I can then record the longitude and latitude into my handheld GPS and travel to the exact spot where the drone sspotted an interesting formation and/or prior prospecting activity.

As I said, it’s usually pretty rugged in these prospecting locations and even in the winter, it can be in the 80s. So, technology like this can really be very beneficial in optimizing your daylight prospecting efforts.

gold specimen

Just like any other prospecting tool, a prospector should be very familiar and competent in the operation of the drone and know it’s advantages and disadvantages. Also, as most modern day video drones like this one have a flying time of around 20 or 25 minutes,  you want to plan out the areas that you want to investigate with the drone to optimize your flying time.  It’s very important that you carry a backup drone battery as well as a charger for this battery that you can plug into your vehicle cigarette lighter.

Ideally, you should also have a handheld GPS that you can put in the coordinates received from the drone. Some of the drawbacks of using the drone are that you need a clear line of sight between the drone and the transmitter and most drones are limited to a couple miles in horizontal distance. Also, it usually is prudent not to operate the drone in gusty wind conditions of over 20 miles an hour. Lastly, to keep fine dust out of the motor and camera I always bring a small tarp to use as a take off and landing platform.

Arizona gold prospecting

Now, besides being a great timesaver when you’re out gold prospecting, the video drone can provide a great visual record of each one of your prospecting outings.


Arizona gold prospecting drone





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