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January 28, 2018

Arizona Gold Drywashing

by oakley711

Over 5 Ounces Drywashing Gold – Arizona Gold Drywashing

Using a drywasher to find fine gold in an Arizona dry creek.

When viewing this video, one should keep in mind that this is dry washing the concentrates from two weeks worth of work. Plus, drywashing is hard work! Usually, you have to clean off the overburden on the bedrock to find the richest dirt. Then, you shovel that dirt into your drywasher and lastly take a gasoline powered vacuum to vacuum up the remaining dirt on the bedrock and in the cracks of the bedrock. This vacuumed dirt is also run through your drywasher.

Arizona Gold Drywashinggold dry washer - gold drywasher - Arizona Gold Prospecting - Arizona Gold Drywashing

What it sounds like to me, is that they took the concentrates from their first run and saved them all until the end of their prospecting trip. Then they took the already rich gold concentrates and ran them through a smaller drywasher. So, in this video what you’re seeing is the results of their two weeks of drywash prospecting in Arizona. But, it’s also the result of the second run of these gold concentrates through the drywashers.



Lastly, they’ll take the rich gold concentrates and either pan them out or run them through a concentrating sluice or gold wheelto end up with just fine gold. Actually this is great for two weeks worth of work that these two guys put in. Even at today’s price of about $1,300 an ounce ( you should keep in mind that this price is for 100% gold that has already been refined) or for an actual sales price let’s say of about $1200 an ounce, they would end up with about $6,000 and after split between them, about $1,500 per week per Arizona gold prospector.

if you’re interested in finding out more information about golddry washers, you should visit Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Arizona Gold Drywashing

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