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Yukon Gold mining

Yukon Gold mining – Gold Prospecting in the Yukon

WARNING GOLD FEVER VIDEO you have been warned

Absolutely breathtaking scenery in the beautiful northern part of Canada.  Take a short trip with me to Dawson City, Canada. Have a look at how the “average, not for TV” miner gets gold. No staged arguments, breakdowns, or deadlines.

No scripted drama, or ridiculous million ounce goals. Just average miners trying to make a few bucks and have a little fun doing it. The mining season lasts from May to the first of October, or as soon as the water freezes. Read more »


Gold Hunting

Gold Hunting – Canada

It is always a great time when you prospect in an area where you know there is really nice gold. The problem is finding that sweet spot where gold has deposited and where nobody has already cleaned.

This waterfall river is loaded in gold but it is just so hard to get to that I can only get here about 5% of the time. I spend the day doing something I dont normally do and thats dig. I think after this trip im going to stick to what I do best and thats crevicing and metal detecting for that big gold because I know its there and soon enough, I will prove it. Read more »


Arizona Gold Drywashing

Over 5 Ounces Drywashing Gold – Arizona Gold Drywashing

Using a drywasher to find fine gold in an Arizona dry creek.

When viewing this video, one should keep in mind that this is dry washing the concentrates from two weeks worth of work. Plus, drywashing is hard work! Usually, you have to clean off the overburden on the bedrock to find the richest dirt. Then, you shovel that dirt into your drywasher and lastly take a gasoline powered vacuum to vacuum up the remaining dirt on the bedrock and in the cracks of the bedrock. This vacuumed dirt is also run through your drywasher. Read more »


Gold Outlook 2018

Gold Outlook 2018

A good take on spot gold price trading range for 2018.

Gold investors might not see a sustained rally for a long time as the metal is far from being out of the woods and may potentially retest lows of $1,050 an ounce, according to John LaForge, head of real asset strategy for Wells Fargo. “On a secular basis, commodities go through periods of 20-year bear markets on average – we get stuck in the year-to-year but the history of commodity super cycles is we still have some time to work off supply – in the case of gold, you are looking at lots of supply,” said LaForge, listing one of the fundamental reasons the price may remain under pressure. Read more »