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Gold Dredging Idaho

 Gold Dredging

Gold dredging – – Gold dredges are an important tool of gold miners around the world.They allow profitable mining at relatively low operational costs. Even though the concept is simple in principle, dredges can be engineered in different ways allowing to catch different sizes of gold specimen. Hence the efficiency of gold dredges differs greatly depending on its specifications.

We took our dredges and equipment to our claim where we spent a couple days camping, eating well, relaxing & finding the gold.
We were happy with our take and especially since that nice picker showed up in the blue miners moss.
Thanks for watching and allowing me to share my hobby with you.

Prior to considering any Recreational Mining in Idaho be sure to check with all State & Federal agencies to ensure that you have the proper permits. Below is some information that was obtained fromthe Idaho Department of water resources. But, keep in mind that rules and regulations are change all the time, and it is incumbent upon you, the recreational minor to be sure  that you are in compliance prior to any type of recreational gold mining in Idaho. Read more »