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Colorado Gem prospecting

Colorado Gem prospecting

We met a fellow prospector last year at a gem show, who offered us a chance to go dig on his undisclosed crystal claim. (Due to a rash of “High-graders” and irresponsible hikers) We happily exchanged our time and labor to get his spot, “Up to snuff.” in time for the opening of this season and, for a chance to dig in one of his harder to reach digs. He said the digs were sweet but on the far corner of his claim, and only Smokey’s and Fluorite were there….What we find surprises us all.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

There are seven major collecting areas within the Pikes Peak granite. All of the collecting areas have the same basic assemblage minerals, predominately consisting of smoky quartz crystals and amazonite, with topaz, phenakite and other rarer minerals in certain areas. Although most collecting areas have this same basic assortment of minerals, each area is distinctive and tends to feature certain minerals over others.

Microcline feldspar variety amazonite with smoky quartz from Two Point Claim, Teller County

The collecting area, starting from the southern-most localities, include: Read more »