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Gold Nugget Metal Detecting

Gold Nugget Metal Detecting

Watch as this prospector working a new nugget patch finds a handful of gold klunker nuggets, 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz.  Using a Minelab  GPZ 7000 gold detector, finds almost 3.5 ounces of gold nuggets in 3 days!  Gold Nugget Metal Detecting  yellow though

Interesting question and answer from this video:

Question; Anytime I see someone find and dig a nugget on camera I always wonder how did you know when to turn the camera on? How did you know you were going to find gold right in that spot? In order for this to be real you would have to keep the camera on the whole time you’re out detecting, and then edit out the hundreds and hundreds of hours of detecting when you don’t find anything????

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Arizona Gold Dredging – Arizona Gold Mining

Arizona Gold Dredging

American Mining Rights Association  – AMRA gold dredging the Hassyampa River in Arizona.

The Hassayampa River was most actively worked between 1885 and 1890. there is reportedly an old timer saying about prospecting on the Hassyampa River that goes like:

“If ya wash yer face in the Hassayampa River ya can pan four ounces of gold dust from yer whiskers.”

Well, when it comes to prospectors exaggerating about gold, it’s similar to fishermen exaggerating about the one that got away. but, the truth is there was and still is quite a lot of gold in Arizona. Read more »