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Mother Lode Gold

Mother Lode Gold Veins

Gold may occur as deposits called lodes, or veins, in fractured rock. It may also be dispersed within Earth’s crust. Most lode deposits form when heated fluids circulate through gold-bearing rocks, picking up gold and concentrating it in new locations in the crust. Chemical differences in the fluids and the rocks, as well as physical differences in the rocks, create many different types of lode deposits.

Revered for its aesthetic and metallurgical properties for thousands of years, gold is still one of the most sought after precious metals. There’s no question gold has played a unique role for humanity, for better or for worse. Today, we’ll explore the fascinating science behind the origin of gold atoms and some theories that seek to explain how the prized element got to where it is today, here on Earth.

Why Gold is important

gold in quartz

gold in quartz

From what are now Israeli hills during the Copper Age to the Bulgarian Varna Necropolis in the 4th Read more »