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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day speech

When I hear “Make America Great Again”… This is what I think about.

Sad to say many of our youth have been taught that America has NOT been great. They are being taught by the Progressives that WE are the problem with the world. Parents, it is up to YOU to deprogram what the Public Education system has taught AND NOT TAUGHT your kids. Watch the History channel with them. Make it a special night with special food or desserts. Tell them about WW2, who was involved and WHY we stayed out for so long. If history is continued to be rewritten by the Progressives…YOUR kids will not live free!!!!!




Memorial Day

Gold Ownership

Why Government May Ban Gold Ownership

gold bars - spot gold price gold ownershipIndividual gold ownership may one day be a thing of the past! One should realize the US debts cannot be repaid. Period!

To “pay” with freshly printed script is the same as borrowing more. The game, if you want to look at it that way, get’s more interesting when you begin to realize that the “interest” has to keep rising as well as the total amount owed. The measure of the value of interest is the sum of nominal interest added to the the percent loss of purchasing power. Read more »


Gold Recovery

Gold Recovery from scrap materials

Recycling of gold and other metals from industrial production a business is really shining.

Please remember that RECOVERY and REFINING are two totally different processes. With escrap, and with many other forms of gold scrap, the gold must first be RECOVERED from the scrap before it can be REFINED to high purity gold. Read more »


Arizona gold metal detecting

Arizona gold metal detecting

In Southern California the best place for finding nuggets is over the border in Arizona!

Gold nugget hunting is a great hobby just don’t plan on getting rich doing it! Actually, riding out from San Diego to Yuma and to Quartzite Arizona we usually find some gold, but the truth of it is it is extremely rare to find enough gold that would ever pay for the gas used in the trip. Read more »


Best Gold Clean Ups Ever – Gold Rush & Bering Sea Gold

Best Gold Clean Ups Ever – Gold Rush & Bering Sea Gold

Some of the best gold clean ups from two of the biggest gold mining shows, Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold

I do not know how much of this show is staged or not, but i have a question for all of you that even bothered to calculate each of the paychecks: It’s just the fact that fine gold like this, brings a price much less than the spot price of gold on the exchanges. Read more »