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20 Gram Gold Nugget Liberty Gold Mine Washington State

20 Gram Gold Nugget metal detecting

Okay, I know for you purest this article title may be taken as somewhat misleading, because the gold nugget was found in an underground gold mine. But, the truth is if the guy with the Minelab metal detector was not scanning the wall of the mine this nugget would have never been found. In this mine they were following the lower bedrock and finding most of their nuggets there. I’m pretty sure after this they use the metal detector on all sides of the mine! Read more »


Pounds of Gold – Gold Mining

Pounds of Gold – Gold Mining

From the 1700’s all the way to 1970 Gold was valued at $20 per ounce. When this documentary was put on digital (Oct. 2017) gold was trading at about $1250 per troy ounce. Great documentary!

Glenn Wadstein mined Sterling Creek Mine from 1986-2001 and found pounds and pounds of gold.
He built his own equipment and treated the job as a sand and gravel operation. Here’s the equipment he built, the way he moved overburden to reveal the ore and how he processed the ore to filter out the gold. Read more »


Yukon Gold mining

Yukon Gold mining – Gold Prospecting in the Yukon

WARNING GOLD FEVER VIDEO you have been warned

Absolutely breathtaking scenery in the beautiful northern part of Canada.  Take a short trip with me to Dawson City, Canada. Have a look at how the “average, not for TV” miner gets gold. No staged arguments, breakdowns, or deadlines.

No scripted drama, or ridiculous million ounce goals. Just average miners trying to make a few bucks and have a little fun doing it. The mining season lasts from May to the first of October, or as soon as the water freezes. Read more »


Gold Hunting

Gold Hunting – Canada

It is always a great time when you prospect in an area where you know there is really nice gold. The problem is finding that sweet spot where gold has deposited and where nobody has already cleaned.

This waterfall river is loaded in gold but it is just so hard to get to that I can only get here about 5% of the time. I spend the day doing something I dont normally do and thats dig. I think after this trip im going to stick to what I do best and thats crevicing and metal detecting for that big gold because I know its there and soon enough, I will prove it. Read more »


Arizona Gold Drywashing

Over 5 Ounces Drywashing Gold – Arizona Gold Drywashing

Using a drywasher to find fine gold in an Arizona dry creek.

When viewing this video, one should keep in mind that this is dry washing the concentrates from two weeks worth of work. Plus, drywashing is hard work! Usually, you have to clean off the overburden on the bedrock to find the richest dirt. Then, you shovel that dirt into your drywasher and lastly take a gasoline powered vacuum to vacuum up the remaining dirt on the bedrock and in the cracks of the bedrock. This vacuumed dirt is also run through your drywasher. Read more »


Gold Outlook 2018

Gold Outlook 2018

A good take on spot gold price trading range for 2018.

Gold investors might not see a sustained rally for a long time as the metal is far from being out of the woods and may potentially retest lows of $1,050 an ounce, according to John LaForge, head of real asset strategy for Wells Fargo. “On a secular basis, commodities go through periods of 20-year bear markets on average – we get stuck in the year-to-year but the history of commodity super cycles is we still have some time to work off supply – in the case of gold, you are looking at lots of supply,” said LaForge, listing one of the fundamental reasons the price may remain under pressure. Read more »


Gold Price and the Dollar | 2018 Gold Price Outlook

The spot gold price and the dollar

gold bars - spot gold price - Gold Price and the DollarGold Price and the Dollar . . . This past week the dollar moved up in the spot gold price move down, actually, it was the worst week for gold prices since July! This past Friday, the February gold futures price was down 2 1/2% from the prior  week to $1249.50 per ounce!

Yes, the spot gold price has now declined for three consecutive weeks in a row, and is now around its lowest price since late July. many gold analyst believe that the US Federal Reserve is going to hike interest rates at their next meeting. any time US interest rates increase,  the gold price usually declines against the dollar.

It seems now that many gold analyst are certain that a Federal Reserve rate hike is going to occur next week. It’s this outlook for an eminent US interest rate increase, that has pretty much been the major catalyst for the lackluster performance of the gold price over the last few weeks. now, many gold analyst are looking to 2018 for indications  of where the spot gold price may be headed in the new year. Read more »


Should You Invest in Gold or Silver

Invest in Gold

California gold nugget - Invest in Gold

California gold nugget

Most nuggets have already been discovered and even the largest in the past, have been melted down…

Pure gold is virtually non-existent in nature. High quality native colors are 22-23Kt (roughly 91-96%) pure. And by far most gold was formed in particles so small that they can’t be seen by the human eye, and most gold was formed as non-free milling, which means it is chemically bonded  will will will

with other minerals…like sugar dissolved in water: it’s there but you can’t pick it out. Read more »


San Diego North Star Gold Mine

San Diego’s Abandoned Gold Mine North Star Mine

There aren’t too many mines left in the mountains east of San Diego that I haven’t yet explored and documented. The North Star Mine was on that list of unexplored mines until yesterday when we set out to find and explore it. The mine’s entrance is severely eroded which requires explorers to enter the mine on their stomachs for about 35 feet. After that, the tunnel opens up nicely and heads straight into the mountain. In the back, the tunnel splits into three short tunnels. Two of these side tunnels seemed to end at collapsed vertical shafts which we located outside the mine higher on the mountain. Read more »


Gold Dredging Idaho

 Gold Dredging

Gold dredging – – Gold dredges are an important tool of gold miners around the world.They allow profitable mining at relatively low operational costs. Even though the concept is simple in principle, dredges can be engineered in different ways allowing to catch different sizes of gold specimen. Hence the efficiency of gold dredges differs greatly depending on its specifications.

We took our dredges and equipment to our claim where we spent a couple days camping, eating well, relaxing & finding the gold.
We were happy with our take and especially since that nice picker showed up in the blue miners moss.
Thanks for watching and allowing me to share my hobby with you.

Prior to considering any Recreational Mining in Idaho be sure to check with all State & Federal agencies to ensure that you have the proper permits. Below is some information that was obtained fromthe Idaho Department of water resources. But, keep in mind that rules and regulations are change all the time, and it is incumbent upon you, the recreational minor to be sure  that you are in compliance prior to any type of recreational gold mining in Idaho. Read more »