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Gold Metal Detecting

Gold Metal Detecting

259g gold specimen found metal detecting with a Minelab GPX4500 and a 17″x11″ mono coil.


This gold specimen was found at about 15 to 18 inches deep, Very faint signal at first before going to get the video which was about a kilometre away at camp. No old holes anywhere and I suspect a nearby reef or gold source, someone will find it one day. Read more »


Spot Gold Price

Spot Gold Price Movements

Arizona gold - Spot Gold PriceToday the New York spot price of gold closed at $1202 an ounce. The rationale behind the drop in gold today seems to be the eminent settlement of the Greek euro bailout.

After 13 years of extraordinary price increases, in 2013, gold took a big reversal in price. Yes, in 2013 the gold spot price dropped approximately 28%! Read more »


Gold Nugget Dredging Oregon

Gold prospecting on the Rogue River in Oregon!

First part of the video is a live nugget capture off bedrock. The miner found some black hard pack under 3 feet of material. It is black because there is so much black iron rocks in it – heavy stuff, iron and gold!

The last I heard was that now dredging is not allowed. The Oregon State law prohibits all motorized dredging within the Rogue River corridor between the mouth of the Applegate River to Lobster Creek. All Oregon State Scenic Waterways are now closed to motorized dredging. Read more »


California Gold Detecting

California Gold Detecting

Using metal detectors to locate gold nuggets.

Whether you are a hobbyist prospector or a serious practitioner of gold detecting, getting a dedicated gold detector will make your job that much easier than a basic metal detector. And with more treasure hunters taking up this hobby, the stakes have risen with some finds valued at tens of thousands of dollars. Prospecting equipment manufacturers continue to release more and more advanced and expensive gold detectors

Why not use normal metal detectors? Gold, for one, has a different level of conductivity than other metals. Gold detectors look for specific properties that distinguish gold from other metals, and this greatly reduces the level of false alarms.

There are two main detection technologies utilized by gold detectors, depending on the treasure you seek.  There are number of  gold detectors  in the market from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000 for the top of the line Minelab detector.

Some people are purchasing  metal detectors  for general-purpose search activities. You should keep in mind that each  metal detector  has its unique features and not all the metal detectors available are good for the  beginners  or different types of soil. Many people purchase inexpensive metal detector models, which are really just toys and are not good choice for real gold detecting. Your first major decision comes when choosing the right metal detector for your area and budget. Yes, deciding on a good metal detector  that meets your detecting needs is not an easy job.

Your second major decision in gold prospecting is deciding on the best location for finding gold nuggets. You should take a trip down to your local Bureau of Land Management or Forest Service headquarters. Purchase copies of maps on the areas you are interested in gold detecting. BLM and Forest Service maps will show open mineral collecting areas, active mining claims, private property lines and abandoned gold mines. Many areas are closed to gold detecting, have active gold claims or may be private lands. Before getting into trouble, a good idea is to join a local gold prospecting club and start out on their member claims.

Lastly, there can be a number of life threatening situations encountered when gold prospecting in remote areas. So, it is imperative that you are not only prepared for contingencies that can happen  when out prospecting, but you should never go to remote areas without a partner. When prospecting in California on a club claim in 29 Palms, I encountered a number of hazards that many do not consider before heading out for a California gold nugget prospecting trip.




California Gold Detecting


Gold, Dollar, QE4, China

Peter Schiff talks on the the U.S. Dollar, China, QE4 and gold.

China will pick the most advantageous moment to crash the dollar…when it will do the most damage. Then they come to the rescue with a gold-backed Yuan…and most Americans will be left asking, “What happened?” Read more »


Gold Prospecting Drone

Gold Prospecting Drone

An aerial drone is the latest Hi-tech tool in the search for gold!

In this video I use the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ aerial drone for assisting in locating good areas to prospect for gold. I use a this quad copter, but there are also much larger six and eight engine models. Larger drones are able to lift heavier loads and as some professional photographers want to use their single lens reflex cameras, they require a larger model. Read more »


Gold Prospecting Visits

Gold Prospecting – December site

For December 2014 we had over 21,800 unique visitors to the site!

gold prospecting December 2014

gold prospecting december 2014 website traffic

Now, we’re not talking about hits here were talking about, usually real people visiting the site. Whether you’re using the computer smart phone or tablet, one on the Internet your device has a unique IP address. Our site counts the number of visits based on this IP address in a 24-hour period. Read more »


Gold Predictions 2015

Gold Predictions 2015

gold nuggetWell, let’s face it, no one can really predict with any accuracy where the spot gold price will be by the end of 2015. Now, with that said, there is still some value with the predictions for the spot gold price in 2015 that are made by the insiders.

Who are these insiders? Well, in my opinion they are the commodity traders, commodity analyst and major banks.

Below I have listed some of the predictions for the gold price in 2015:

Commerzbank – first half of 2015 . A slight downward trend to a possible $1125. Second half of 2015. An upward trend with a predicted $1250 possible price. Also, that even when out on a limb here and predicted there 2016 gold price of $1300.

ABN AMRO Bank – this bank is predicting a further decline in the spot gold price for 2015. They feel it may even fit $925 an ounce.

The World Bank – this bank is predicting continuing erosion of the spot gold price with a predicted price of $1240 for 2015.

Goldman Sachs – is looking for a possible spot gold price of $1200 in 2015

HSBC – the chief precious metals analyst here is looking for a possible $1675 in 2015.

Citi Research – is looking for an average gold price of $1220 for 2015.

CREDIT SUISSE – this firm’s technical analysis team believes that the spot gold price could fall to $950 by the end of 2015.

RBC analyst Stephen Walker – is looking for a target gold price in 2015 of $1300 per ounce.

JP Morgan – is looking for a gold price of $1,220 in 2015.

Reuters over the last month returned an average gold price forecast of $1,225 an ounce for next year.

Reuters Poll – in October 2014 poll of 30 analyst, Reuters said that the consensus forecast was for a average gold price of $1225 and 2015.


Gold Predictions 2015


Gold Price Outlook

Spot Gold Outlook – Jim Rogers

This video was Published on Jul 15, 2013, and now in December 2014, we see that Jim Rogers was correct in his outlook for the Gold market.

Buying physical gold or silver is not about the price it’s to bet on bond collapse which gonna happen . . . insiders know this!  Today the U.S. economy is pseudo science based on theories created by elite… Read more »


Gold nugget prospecting hazards

California Gold Prospecting Hazards

Unexpected hazards when gold nugget prospecting in Twentynine Palms, California.


This was on a gold prospecting clubs claim in the 29 Palms area of California. California gold nugget prospecting can be a lot of fun but one should always be prepared for unexpected hazards when out in very remote areas.

The number one suggestion when gold prospecting would be to always go with a couple of other prospectors. The second suggestion would be to have plenty of water and basic emergency first aid kit. Read more »